Application Development

Web Design and Web Development in Tauranga

Our speciality is bespoke web application design and development using PHP and the popular open source MySQL database: The design and development of web database driven software that enables your web site and its databases to link to your internal IT systems and exchange information. Websites can often be little more than online brochures which although necessary, may not be realising the full potential of the Internet. There is so much more that a web site database application can do. For example, if you were a realtor you would want to list all your available properties and have those properties searchable by your client base using numerous different criteria. You would want to spend as little time as possible updating your website and this is where web application development comes into its own - it gives you the power to automate all of these requirements.

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks Integration Tauranga

Do you have an online store or other databse application that produces invoices and other financial data? Are you tired of manually copying your data into Quickbooks? Then we have a Quickbooks Integration Solution for you. We have undertaken a number of projects that push your invoices, customers and sales order into Quickbooks automatically. This saves you time and increases accuracy, both of which save you money.

Web Design and Development

Competitive Web Design in Tauranga

We offer a full Tauranga web design service tailored to your needs. No matter whether you require a basic online presence, a CMS based site or a complex web application, we are able to meet your requirements. All our packages are competitively priced, so don't hesitate to contact us for a free without obligation appraisal of your requirements.

Web Hosting

New Zealand Web Hosting in Tauranga

In addition to web design services we are able to provide a competitively priced New Zealand hosting service. Our servers are located in Auckland, which means that your Tauranga web site will enjoy speedy access and fast download speeds.

CMS Template Design

Concrete5 Web Template Design in Tauranga

Using a content management system (CMS) will save you money and provide greater flexibility than a static web site. Once installed and configured, a template driven website needs no further page design. All new or updated pages are added using a web browser and are rendered using your template. All pages will have the same look and style and give your site a consistent appearance.

Search Engine Registration

Search Engine Registration in Tauranga

It may seem sometimes like Google is the only search engine, but there are thousands of them. In order that your site is found, it needs to be listed in as many engines as possible. We can submit your site to all the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation in Tauranga

If you're reading this page, you've probably found us through a search engine, such as Google. Chances are you didn't search on our company name. Why would you? If you knew who we were and what we did you probably wouldn't have used a search engine. Most likely you've entered a few words like "web design" or "web site design" etc. These words are some of our key words. Good keywords will summarise exactly what your business does and what sets it apart from your competition.

You know your business and your market better than we do and we will use this valuable knowledge to help you discover your keywords and phrases. We'll build your website content around these words and phrases, which increases their relevance to the search engine algorithms. These algorithms are a closely guarded secret. If everyone knew all the rules, it would be very easy to ensure your site came near the top.

It is vital that your site is well structured and easily navigated by the web spiders and robots that search engines use to gather content. Strict adherence to web standards is essential in order to ensure that all your pages are found and indexed. We make sure that your site is compliant as part of the design process.

Linux Support

Linux Support in Tauranga

As RedHat Certified Engineers, we offer our expertise to assist with any Linux installations you may be using. We are familiar with a number of different versions of Linux, including RedHat, Ubuntu and SuSE. Please contact us for more information.