Compiling PHP7 on Ubuntu
PHP7 - Faster Than a Fast Thing That's Really Fast

PHP7 was released in December 2015, and promises a massive increase in speed. Some benchmarks have claimed it to be at least twice as fast as PHP 5.x.

Posted 19/01/16

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Configuring PHP-FPM For Ubuntu 14.04 & Apache 2.4

There are numerous web pages telling you how to set up PHP-FPM but there's always room for one more. These notes refer to Ubuntu 14.04 which ships with PHP 5.5 and Apache 2.4

Posted 28/06/15

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JeRo And The Beanstalk
Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk - The Magic Vanishing PHP Session Fairy Story

We've been working on an online booking system for a client and it became apparent that due to the time sensitive high demand nature of the application, a scalable server was needed. This seemed like a job for Amazon's AWS, specifically their Elastic Beanstalk.

Posted 09/06/15

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Using SuPHP with PHPMyAdmin
Enabling SuPHP under Apache 2.4 breaks PHPMyAdmin but there is a handy work around

Posted 18/04/15

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Making a Twit out of Me and You
Bootstrap Bug Behaving Badly - Collapsed Menu Items Not Working on Ipad

Responsive websites are more and more popular, and with good reason: according to Trademe, over 50% of their traffic is now from a mobile device. Whether that's genuine buyers, or fantasists lying on the couch dreaming of tat they might never buy is another question, but the growth in the use of mobile devices is undeniable.

Posted 06/03/15

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