Content Management in Tauranga

What is "Content Management"?

Wikipedia will tell you that a content management system is:

  • a collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment.

But the questions you're probably asking are "What on earth does that mean, how does that relate to the Internet, what use is it to me and why are you making a noise about it?" The answer is that it puts you, the web site owner, in control of your own web site content. Once installed and configured on your web hosting platform, you, not your web design company are able to add, modify and delete pages, text and images as you see fit.

Don't I Need Web Design Skills?

You might be thinking that surely this requires me and/or my staff to have some web design skill? But that's where you're wrong! A Content Management System or CMS does not require any page design skills because it uses a single template from your web design company to generate all your pages. All you need to do is add the text and/or photos/images and away you go. You pay for the page design once, but use it everywhere.

I Must Need Special Software, Surely?

No! You do need to have the CMS software installed on you web server, but all your PC or Mac needs is a modern web browser, like Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox and you're done. The chances that you've already got one or both of these browsers installed is about 99%. It doesn't matter what computer you're using, or where you happen to be, you can still update your website. Moreover, you can authorise other people to update your site and not be reliant on just one individual within your organisation.

This Sounds Fantastic, What's The Catch?

There isn't one. Once installed and configured you don't ordinarily require anything else from anybody. Installing/configuring a CMS is more complicated than a static web site but it's a once only operation. You might want to consider arranging some support with a company such as ours, but it's up to you whether you do or not.

I Want A CMS Web Site, What Do I Do Next?

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