Tauranga Ecommerce Websites and Solutions

Are you looking for an ecommerce web site solution for your Tauranga business? Are you worried about security, fraud, ongoing costs and the costs of starting up an online business? Perhaps you want to add ecommerce to your existing website?

We have a range of ecommerce solutions for your Tauranga business no matter how complex your requirement


  • you have ever wanted to sell your products online but been put off by the complexity of setting up a web store
  • you think your volume of business is too small to justify the expense of commissioning an online store
  • you are worried about the security implications of dealing with credit cards on line
  • you have been quoted outrageous prices for ecommerce solutions
  • you don't want to commit to a monthly expense with your card merchant or bank

then you should talk to us about your Tauranga ecommerce requirements.

For a modest one off fee, we can set up your webstore and get your business generating profits on line.

Payment Providers

Whatever you decide to do online, you are going to need a payment provider to handle the transactions. There are many providers out there, but which one is right for you? Three of the most popular providers are Paypal, Paymate and DPS Payment Express. Each has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Paymate and Paypal both offer free setup with no monthly fee. Payment Express does charge both a setup fee and a monthly fee.

The following table lists some of the pros and cons as we see them, of these three payment providers:

ProviderFunds in your
bank account
Setup feeMonthly feeNZ Dollar
Exchange Fee
IPN or
Quick, Simple
Payment Express Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Paymate Yes No No No No Sometimes slow
Paypal No - must
No No Yes Yes No