Quickbooks Data Import & Export

Quickbooks Integration Tauranga

Quickbooksis a very popular accounts package for the small to medium sized business. These businesses may find that they have other IT systems producing invoices, inventory and customer data which needs to be synchronized with Quickbooks. This usually ends up being a manual task which is time consuming, laborious and error prone.

There is a solution. The Quickbooks Web Connector (QBWC) allows data to be exchanged between Quickbooks and just about any application you care to think of. The QBWC provides a general purpose interface for just this purpose. The tricky bit, and the bit that we have experience in, is the design and development of a software link between your application and the QBWC interface.

Whether you wish to import invoices into Quickbooks, update inventory or stock levels, update customer details or enter customer orders or jobs, the QBWC interface provides a method to do it. There is very little that can't be achieved.

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