The Wrong Website
You would think certificate warnings would put people off

This afternoon I got a very confused member of the public wanting to know when a particular website they wanted would be up, and why our web site was coming up instead.

Posted 01/10/14

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Styling iPad Form Buttons
Why doesn't the iPad respect my nice valid CSS Button Styling?

A client of mine was viewing a site I recently put together on his iPad and noticed that the form buttons weren't rendering at all nicely.

Posted 18/09/14

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Holy Host, Batman
PHP's gethostbyaddr() function fails for no apparent reason.

There are seemingly millions of "SEO gurus" on the Internet at large, and the Indian subcontinent has its fair share. It comes as little surprise that we're frequently contacted by what seems like all of them, peddling their services for a few dollars.

Posted 20/05/14

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Clickable Phone Numbers for Mobile Browsers
Mobiles Aren't Always Smart Enough to Spot Phone Numbers

I had a client wanting to make the phone number on his website into a link that worked on mobile browsers. Most mobile browsers will spot a string of numbers and dial it when touched. However, if the numbers have brackets and/or spaces to make them more friendly to us humans, the phone can struggle. Cue the tel: link:

Posted 07/10/13

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Getting to the Core of the Problem
Apple devices are not always as smart as they'd have you believe

I had a call from a client today complaining that images on their website were coming out "wrong" when viewed on the iPad. The site in question was one that was converted to use Concrete5 and was previously a static HTML site so it was entirely possible that it didn't understand what an iPad was. The answwer was however far more amusing than that.

Posted 02/09/13

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