Getting to the Core of the Problem
Apple devices are not always as smart as they'd have you believe

I had a call from a client today complaining that images on their website were coming out "wrong" when viewed on the iPad. The site in question was one that was converted to use Concrete5 and was previously a static HTML site so it was entirely possible that it didn't understand what an iPad was. The answwer was however far more amusing than that.

Posted 02/09/13

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Caught Out By CAPTCHA
Imagettftext() Returns Huge Negative Values

Anyone who's ever drowned in spam sent through a form on their website will appreciate how helpful the CAPTCHA puzzle can be in combatting this annoying problem.

Posted 25/08/13

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Register Globals - Just Don't Do It
Turn on PHP's register_globals? Jog on, son.

A site I do some occasional maintenance on went off line last week. Upon futher investigation, there was some rather nasty looking PHP code lurking in various files, including the database connector. It was easy to spot because it was causing a parse error which was all over the error log like a rash.

Posted 20/01/13

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Spam Dunk DNSRBL Blues - Everyone's a Spammer
Debugging DNSRBL: setting your DNS server to always return a result is an epic FAIL

I sent one of my clients an email this morning, and was rather surprised to find that it bounced back. Since I'm responsible for maintaining their email system, it was my problem, not theirs.

Posted 14/01/13

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jQuery Tools and Ajax
Fun and games using jQuerytools tooltip on AJAX loaded content

I've been using the tooltip jQuery plugin from jQuerytools for a while now, and it's generally awesome. However I was having some fun and games getting the tooltip to play nice on content loaded via AJAX.

Posted 12/01/13

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