Busting For a P
The AJAX cross domain policy can be rather annoying but there is a way around it

I needed to make two different sub domains work together recently, producing a page on one site by using parts of another. Because they're different sites, the AJAX Same Origin Policy comes in to play, and in short it stops you from doing it.

Posted 19/11/12

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Whiter Than White
It'll be All White on The Night

News that IE6 is virtually dead is welcome news to anyone who's ever coded a web site and then had to code it again for IE6. However IE7 is almost as bad in some respects.

Posted 06/06/12

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Dull Chrome Rounding
Taking The Shine Off Google's Chrome

I was working on a web site this week where the client wanted white text on a black background. There's nothing special about that, and the design came together pretty well, except when viewed with the Chrome and Safari browsers.

Posted 03/03/11

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Don't Ask Me To Think, I Was Hired For My Looks
Newer Is Not Always Better

We have been developing an application which is in the final stages of testing, and all was going well, until the client tried it out on Internet Explorer 8. This came as rather a shock, since the application was written to web standards and validated using the W3C on line validator. We'd tested it out on IE8 as well, so the reports of it looking a mess were rather a surprise.

Posted 18/02/11

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Outlook Authentication
It's Worse Than That, It's Outlook, Jim

One of our new customers has been having mail delivery issues, but sadly they're a little vague about what the problem is. It seems to be either ISP relay or Exchange related, neither of which fall under our jurisdiction.

Posted 23/01/11

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