Outlook Authentication
It's Worse Than That, It's Outlook, Jim

One of our new customers has been having mail delivery issues, but sadly they're a little vague about what the problem is. It seems to be either ISP relay or Exchange related, neither of which fall under our jurisdiction.

Posted 23/01/11

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Catching Up On The Zs
It's a Matter of Context

A recent project that I worked on required a custom "tooltip" to work on a table of data, popping up more information than you could reasonably expect to get in the table cell. The table cells were constrained in size, and used some relative positioned elements with absolute positioned children.

Posted 20/01/11

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The Outlook Is Bleak
I Like The HTML Email Standard - There Are So Many To Choose From

A couple of projects that I've been working on recently have required "pretty" HTML email messages to be generated. You might think that this wouldn't be an issue, HTML is HTML, right? Wrong!

Posted 18/12/10

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Lost On Safari
Apple is a Bitter Fruit

I acquired a new client the other week, who wanted me to turn their PDF web site design into html code. There's nothing remarkable in that, it happens quite a lot. It's actually quite a nice task, as you can put your "arty" head away and bring your "techy" one out. You can usually guarantee that the client will like their own design.

Posted 03/09/10

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Now You See It Now You Don't
Google Map Misaligned

A client of mine has come up with a design for their new website. One of the required features for the site was the display of a Google map, on demand when a link or button was clicked, so as not to bother their audience with superfluous information unnecessarily.

Posted 24/08/10

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