Spam, Spam And More Spam
Fending Off Spam With Grey Listing

Anyone who's had an email address for more than a week has most likely started to attract spam. Our hosting platform took on a new domain this week, which seems to be a spam magnet.

Posted 03/08/10

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Internet Explorer 4
Trouble With The Neighbours

One of my neighbours, a rather nice old gent wandered over at the weekend and brought his laptop with him. He was complaining that it was "running a bit slow". He told me proudly he was "on dialup", which of course goes a long, long way to explaining the speed deficiencies.

Posted 28/07/10

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Patently Blue
The Blue Screen of Death

I had occasion this week to have a fiddle with my elderly Compaq laptop. For some rather opaque reason, it refuses to work with an external monitor. So I wandered on to the HP website and attempted to download and install various drivers to make it work. This is where the rot set in.

Posted 21/07/10

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Whois Name Change Trouble
Resistance Is Not Futile

I registered a new domain name for a Tauranga business this afternoon, but soon afterwards I noticed I'd omitted to set the registrant (is that a proper word? It's not in the dictionary..) name correctly.

Posted 06/07/10

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Out of Memory
It Really Does Need That Much

One of my clients is interested in having us develop a link between the popular Quickbooks accounting package, and a web store. The idea is that rather than the web store flinging emails wildly at the sales department, it instead pushes a sales order directly into their Quickbooks system.

Posted 04/07/10

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