Daytrippers Cycle Tours

Daytrippers offer ebike cycle tours to cruise ship passengers eager to explore the beautiful Bay of Plenty. They came to us via a word of mouth referral from an existing client. They had already developed their logo and branding but wanted a web development specialist to build their website and make it easy for them to maintain. We developed a custom theme using concrete5 CMS, loaded their content, and their professionaly photographed images and showed them how to maintain their site.

Thanks Jeremy for engineering our slick new website for JeRo Ltd made this an absolute walk in the park and having heard of many website horror stories, it was great to find a true professional for this. I would and regularly do recommend Jeremy at JeRo Ltd to everybody needing a new or reworked website. Great Concrete5 platform we can edit and manage mostly ourselves. Thanks Jeremy, you are a true legend and Daytrippers are lucky to have had you engineer our website.

Miles Johnson, DayTrippers Owner, DayTrippers