Relate Communications

Relate Communications is a Tauranga based business to business (B2B) telesales company. Relate used JeRo to redevelop their website. Because they were already using concrete5, we were able to develop a new theme and install it quickly which was more cost effective than starting from scratch. In addition to the redesign, we undertook some custom development which utilised Xero's API to greatly reduce the administration time for regular transactions.

Jeremy at JeRo Internet Engineering is someone we have used for the last 8 years now. Having had previous websites with several other web design companies we now appreciate the value JeRo gives us. Not only in terms of set up but also in the added value that we get by being able to amend and change our web sites ourselves. We currently have 3 different company web sites with JeRo, and each one allows us to make changes instantly. There is no phoning a second party to have changes made and then waiting, if you want it changed, do it now, do it yourself and most of all do it easily. I am always amazed at how simple it is.

We recommend JeRo to anybody who is looking for great service and a quality product and we know that Jero can provide the outcomes you want. If you can imagine it, JeRo can build it.

We also had JeRo build a custom addition to one web site which allowed us to utilise Xero’s API and this allowed us to cut the administration for regular transactions significantly.

Lawrence Simons, Relate Communications